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Celebrities gave up social media to help charities

It may sound a little bit weird when you think about celebrities giving up their daily tweets to help a charity. Surely it’s the other way round, where celebs actually encourage their massive followers to raise awareness and donate to charities instead. But this is a clever idea thought of by Alicia Keys to help raise money for her foundation ‘Keep A Child Alive’; a charity which provides health, support and love to families who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. A host of stars such as Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Usher, Alicia Keys and many more have ditched the digital media on World Aids Day to get people aware of this problem that is particularly the nations of Africa and India.

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Social media party to raise money for charity

With many people using their influence and online presence to help charities, social media guru Billy Dec is one of those people. A couple of years ago, Billy Dec has launched the website, an blog which looks at the arts, entertainment and cultural aspect of Chicago. On its anniversary, he had thrown a social media party and raise money for charity. With the help of his “friends” and “followers”, he is hoping to take advantage of his mass followings to raise money for The Greater Chicago Food Depository.

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“Poop” on your friends for charity on World Poopin’ Day

Back in March 2011 was World Poopin’ Day, a day where you can poop on your friends to raise awareness. It’s a clever way of mixing social media with health and sanitations which many people suffer from. In the Internet lingo, poopin’ can refer to abusing your friends Twitter or Facebook when they have left their phone or online account logged in and unattended. The other aspect of poopin’ obviously regards to the waste which around 2.6 billion people have to deal with.

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Charity: Water and their social media campaigns

The well-known Charity: Water is a “non-profit organisation which provides clean and safe drinking water in developing nations” who have made use of social media to promote their cause and raise awareness. Water is one of the biggest thing in the world which we all take for granted. It is the single most important necessity in life yet there are millions of people across the globe who does not have access to this.

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With the group-buying market being incredibly popular (and lucrative for those who got it right), some websites offers the option of also donating a part of their profits to charity. One of those website is Deals, the Dublin-based group-buying site who donates 5% of their profits to charity. It may not sound a lot, but it can add up.

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Meet Don-8er, the cute little fundraising robot

Street-based charity workers, be alert for there may be a new sheriff in town; the Don-8er the mechanical alternative who offers a bit of entertainment in exchange for donations. Any stranger can place coins into the body of the robot, which will respond with lights and excitements. After a short period of time, the robot will then stop moving and await for further donations before making any movements again. Read the rest of this entry

Twestival: A social media charity campaign run on a laptop

Back in February 2011, Amanda Rose was organising the the upcoming major social media charity Twestival on 24th March 2011. Twestival is described as an international Twitter festival and it is a campaign which uses social media for good cause by bringing communities together to support the causes. There are two main campaigns; Twestival Global where the communities just the one cause, or Twestival Local in which local communities work together to help support the local causes.

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How BullyingUK uses web and iPhone apps to raise awareness of bullying

With bullying being a persistent problem, BullyingUK has created a web app where you can design an anti-bullying poster for free. The poster creator is available to install on your Chrome browser straight away from Google’s Chrome web store. This will allow users to have a one-click access to the poster creating service. BullyingUK also have their own web app available to download from iTunes and it provides advice with the ability to share and you can also create posters via the app too.

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How charities use mobile donation to raise funds

Vodafone has recently has joined up with online donation service JustGiving to allow mobile phone users to donate to any of Britain’s 184,000 charities via text messaging. And the good news is that 100% of the fee will go to the charities. Some people may doubt the effectiveness of mobile phone donation but it has massive potential and it can raise tens of millions of pounds. Read the rest of this entry

Raise 999,999 followers on Twitter and donate account to charity

You may wonder what this is all about? I mean why would you give away your massively followed Twitter account to charity? A couple of years ago, a German web designer Christian Rubarth had decided to do just that. Entitled @999999followers, Christian had set himself a challenge of raising this amount of followers from scratch and the tweeters can then decide which charity should he should donate the account to.

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