How to help charities by using social media?

We have all complained or argued that we don’t have the time nor money to help charities. But if we can say that you can help a charity with just a few minutes using social media. Since social media is one of the best tools around to spread the words and encourage interactions, it makes sense if you use this tool to help promote a good cause. has given a few pointers on how you can do that:

  • Follow the charities online

By using Facebook and Twitter in this cause, your friends and families will obviously know that you are supporting and following certain charity groups but you can only do that if you follow these charities, which are easy enough to do.

  • Repost/retweet articles

If there are anything that you can find, inspirational storylines, heartbreaking videos, exciting projects to take part…whatever it is, make sure you post or tweet those articles and website addresses. Posting and tweeting on your accounts will help to spread the awareness, starting from your friends and families on your social media accounts.

Tweet or retweet charity messages

  • Post your own experiences

This is particular great if you have taken part in any charitable projects. It doesn’t matter whether it was washing cars to raise, painting murals to raise awareness or organising activities to cheer up disadvantaged kids, you should always social media to share your experiences. If you have photos of yourself in these projects, it’s worth sharing because as they saying goes, a picture paints a thousand word. And that’s not very hard is it? It could really help a few more people in your friends list to think about helping you or any other charities.

And that’s about it really. have really helped to make it simple and straight to the point. You can make a big difference by using social media, which in itself can be a powerful tool. So get involved and get active.


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