Charity group wants to buy satellite to give the whole world free Internet

If you can read this article, then you have no idea how lucky you (we) are. We are actually part of a small percentage in the world which has access to the Internet. Even in this modern digital age, around 5 billion have no access to Internet, which is incredible when considering that nowadays we expect the ubiquity of the Internet in which we expect to connect anytime, anywhere.

As reported by, charity group believes that access to information is a basic human right and the group is planning to buy a network of satellite in order to provide basic Internet access for the whole world. Through his charity group, Kosta Grammatis is planning to start off by buying a single satellite which is already in orbit and move over a developing country.

The charity group has another website, which is pretty self-explanatory. So far, they have raised over £37,000 () to fund for their plan to convince the owner of the satellite communication system (who apparently are going bankrupt) to move the satellite above another country so that it can help millions of people. Since the Internet is major part of our everyday lives, it would be a wonderful gift to those 5 billion people who can really benefit from having a wealth of information in their fingertips.


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