Download music and donate to charity at the same time with fairsharemusic

Described as the “ethical alternative to iTunes”, is a music download site where you can legally download the latest tracks at great prices and the company will donate half of their profits to charities. They have aptly called it “feelgood downloads” and with over 8.5 million tracks to choose from, you can do your bit if you choose to buy from them. Some of the charities which have signed up to the cause includes Great Ormond Street Hospital, NSPCC, British Hearts Foundation, Oxfam, Teenage Cancer Trust and WWF.

Feelgood download at fairsharemusic.comFounded by Lee Cannon and Jonny Woolf, the duo have decided to make charity donations as part of the daily routine without forcing the customers to do so. And they have also noticed that the music industry is taking a heavy blow against piracy. With, it’s not the charity, but also the music industry which will benefit.

Based on an interview with, Cannon has said “the music download market is growing at a rapid rate. And what we wanted to do was try and inspire people to, not only download music legally, but to also help a bunch of really worth causes too.”

“If you got 100,000 active users and they download one album a month for the next year, we’ll raise over half a million pounds for charity.”

Everybody wins with great prices mean customers will not pay over the odds, legal downloads means the musicians and the music industry will benefit and get paid fairly and the charities will benefit from the rising number of micro-donations.


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