Social media helped to boost Ronald McDonald House Charities

You can’t deny it, but we have all been to McDonald’s for a cheeky Big Mac. And there is a very good chance that you have seen the little donation box that supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) on the counters. Sure, putting a few pennies or cents may not sound much, but it all adds up…a lot. With the help of a little push from social media, these little changes has added up to an astonishing £15.24m () last year to fund the global network of houses, family rooms and care centres.

Ronald McDonald House Charity Donation BoxThe RMHC’s biggest single fundraiser are these little donation boxes and it has helped to serve at least 4.5 million families and children. On 9th September 2010, RMHC has launched a campaign called a “Day of Change” which encouraged people to donate their changes at their local McDonald’s. With the help of social media, words has spread around virally and pretty soon, it has generated an incredible amount of buzz and more important, donations.

The “Day of Change” campaign has helped:

  • to draw over 180,000 interactions on their global Facebook page in 28 days
  • 261 Tweeters to share 1465 hashtags of RMHC’s Day of Change
  • to increase donations by 130% compared to the same time as the year before
  • email subscriptions to grow 748%

Stats found on Social Media Examiner

Although the brand McDonald’s is one of the biggest in the world, there’s no denying that they have use this feature to their advantage. With this high profile, they have decided to make use of it for a good cause thanks to social media. It’s not certain whether they will organise a Day of Change 2011 campaign, but there’s no reason why not due to the success that they had last year. So if you have ever wondered whether your small change can make any difference when you are at McDonald, well now you know. It makes a lot of difference.


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