British Legion voted UK’s best charity for social media engagement

According to report by nfpSynergy, the research specialist for non-profit organisations, British Legion charity has been voted the best UK charity with the largest social media presence. This applies to the charity organisation’s presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. British Legion is the leading charity which provides social, emotional and financial supports to those who have or is currently the British armed forces.

The Royal British LegionThe research company has also found out that, although there are charities from various sectors who have good social media activities, the arts, animal and cancer charities seems to succeed and create the most impact on social media. At the same time, blogs are not very effective for these charities as there seems to be very little engagement between readers and blogs. This may suggest that the industry interacts better when using the likes Facebook and Twitter which is more “sociable” than blogs. Despite the level of interest and interactivity that comes with social media, the research has also shown that there is no correlations between charity’s income and social media presence.

In second place after the British Legion is RSA and in third place in Comic Relief. Some people may be surprised that an organisation like Comic Relief are in third place as there tend to be much more interactions online and offline with a hugely popular primetime TV spot. However, don’t forget thatthe British Legion holds a special in many people’s heart as they have the utmost respect for the soldiers and the heroes of the armed forces.

nfpSynergy’s Driver of Ideas, Joe Saxton is aware that these organisations are competing, not just against each other, but also against other major retailers and corporations. But he has commented “Who knows, perhaps, one day, they might even start to compete seriously with celebrities for a share of people’s online lives!”

Now that would be ideal.


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