Play games non-stop for 72 hours to raise money for charity

This must be every nerds and gamers dream; to play games non-stop for hours on end. Most of us will say that it’s a waste of time or get told off by your mum/girlfriend/anyone who hates games. But nobody can blame you if you are playing games to raise money for charity…even if it’s for 72 hours straight.

Back in March 2011, the people at have organised a gathering with fellow gamers to play non-stop for 72 hours to raise money for Architecture for Humanity. This charity is helping the country of Japan with reconstructions following the dramatic earthquake and tsunami ordeals that they have been through. The NerdGamers have originally passed on the details to various Nintendo communities including Nintendo Fuse.

It’s uncertain how this has worked out. Playing games for 72 hours may sound great fun at first but it can soon drag on. Either way, it’s an interesting way to raise money for charity and hopefully they have helped to raise some money to help Japan to get through this ordeal.

Architecture For Humanity Charity



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