iHobo: the world’s first live action charity iPhone app

It’s very easy to ignore the homeless people when you walk down the street. But little do you know how complex the life of a homeless person can really be. One of the main reasons why there are people living in the street is down to fear and they are running from violence or abuse. It’s unfortunate that there are homeless people out there who are unfairly stuck with a stigma which labels them as  a drug-taking alcoholic scrounger. You can see for yourself by downloading the iHobo iPhone app where you will have your over own hobo living in your iPhone for 3 days.

iHobo iPhone App

The whole logic behind the iHobo app is that you must constantly look after the hobo for 3 days or else he will get out of control and turn to drugs. The app is designed to show how difficult a homeless person’s life can be and after “playing” the app, you will be more inclined to help Depaul UK, the largest charity for young homeless people in the UK.

To download your own iHobo, visit the the iTunes store and search for iHobo or click on the iTunes iHobo link here to download the app on your iPod, iPhone or iPad. And while you’re at it, check out the iHobo app trailer in the video below:

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