Cancer Research UK tidies up online encyclopedia Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the biggest online encyclopedia in the world and it’s all thanks to the millions of contributions from readers and writers. This unfortunately has a side effect as Cancer Research UK has found out. Most people who looks for information turns to Wikipedia, but the charity organisation claims that there are problems and lacking accuracy in information.

One of the main problem is the search engine result page (SERP). Cancer Research UK cover various types of cancer but when searching for ‘breast cancer’, the charity is in 8th position whereas Wikipedia is  2nd, and this seems to be repeated across other cancers. The charity organisation wants better quality information and clarity when writing about cancers to avoid confusions or misleading readers.

Cancer Research UK

The scientific communication manager of Cancer Research UK, Henry Scowcroft has commented:

“Wikipedia is nearly always at the top of an internet search for cancers. It’s not always that easy to understand and sometimes it can be inaccurate or not completely up to date. We want to increase the accuracy and clarity.”

But with over 3.5m  cancer-related pages, it is difficult for Wikipedia to control and maintain all of them, particularly when it’s open to many people who can add or adjust contents.

Source: BBC


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