Raise 999,999 followers on Twitter and donate account to charity

You may wonder what this is all about? I mean why would you give away your massively followed Twitter account to charity? A couple of years ago, a German web designer Christian Rubarth had decided to do just that. Entitled @999999followers, Christian had set himself a challenge of raising this amount of followers from scratch and the tweeters can then decide which charity should he should donate the account to.

It may sound like an odd donation for some people but as mentioned previously here on WiredCause, social media can play a hugely influential part in any charity’s attempt to reach to as many people as people. Social media is obviously one of the best tools around and the opportunity to reach almost one million followers, with the potential to reach many more via retweets and mentions, is a very attractive opportunity for any organisation let alone a charitable one.

There’s only thing about this Twitter campaign. This may be old news but when attempting to view the @999999Followers Twitter account (or if you want to copy and paste the full URL address: http://twitter.com/999999followers), the account has apparently been suspended. Not unavailable or the possibility it has been transferred, but suspended. And news of the campaign has quickly evaporated and faded away from the media attention. So what did happen to the Twitter campaign? To be honest, I actually don’t know.

Twitter Account Suspended

The only thing that is available is the original press release that had circulated around the web back in the summer of 2009.


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