How BullyingUK uses web and iPhone apps to raise awareness of bullying

With bullying being a persistent problem, BullyingUK has created a web app where you can design an anti-bullying poster for free. The poster creator is available to install on your Chrome browser straight away from Google’s Chrome web store. This will allow users to have a one-click access to the poster creating service. BullyingUK also have their own web app available to download from iTunes and it provides advice with the ability to share and you can also create posters via the app too.

Google does a very good job of making websites act like a desktop application. By clicking on the icon on your browser, it will immediately open up the app at your service. And to make it accessible for everybody, BullyingUK’s free iPhone app also allows similar feature which can be shared across social media. These are great ways for the charity organisation to raise awareness and spread the words about the negative effect of bullying and advice on how to deal with problem.

John Carnell, the CEO of BullyingUK has said: “We are very proud that Apple have chosen to highlight our award-winning advice, and we didn’t even have to ask! Considering how little it cost to build we are thrilled at being able to help so many people”.

If you want to see what the app will look like, you can do so by experimenting with the poster creation service via BullyingUK’s website.


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