Twestival: A social media charity campaign run on a laptop

Back in February 2011, Amanda Rose was organising the the upcoming major social media charity Twestival on 24th March 2011. Twestival is described as an international Twitter festival and it is a campaign which uses social media for good cause by bringing communities together to support the causes. There are two main campaigns; Twestival Global where the communities just the one cause, or Twestival Local in which local communities work together to help support the local causes.

Twestival LogoAt first, Rose has been running the event all by herself, organising various applications and making contacts. Thankfully she had some volunteers who assisted her this year. And thanks to various online tools such as Skype for making phone calls, Huddle, the project management application and of course Twitter. But it is with Twitter which has played a significant role in the rise of Twestival.

The team has used Twitter before and during Twestival and this has helped to organise as well as maintain the running of the charity campaign. And thanks to its informal chatting style, the team has very quickly managed to befriend, plan and work with various charity organisers. The use of tweets, @replies and DM has helped, not just communicate with the organisers, but also with Amanda Rose’s global team of volunteers. The regular interactions have also allowed the organisers to get the hang of using Twitter which in the end will stand in good stead when they use the social media tool for their own cause such as communicating and promoting to the audience.


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