GoSave.ie group-buying website provides charitable giving

With the group-buying market being incredibly popular (and lucrative for those who got it right), some websites offers the option of also donating a part of their profits to charity. One of those website is GoSave.ie Deals, the Dublin-based group-buying site who donates 5% of their profits to charity. It may not sound a lot, but it can add up.

For a website which has only being around since August 2010, they have already raised over not forgetting that they are solely concentrating on the market in Dublin. And it’s not just charitable giving which makes them stand out, but also the fact that they re-invest to the community. Since most of their deals are local-based, GoSave.ie providing valuable boost to the local community as well as helping the local charities too. They also have a non-profit discount cards which further helps to raise funs for charities, charities and clubs too.

The process is slightly different than many group buying sites: the deals only become valid when certain number of customers have already “pre-purchased” the deals thus are encouraged to use social media to spread the news and get the deal valid. GoSave.ie also provides many deals which features new and unique products & services and giving the customers the chance to try something and not just find the best local deals.

So for those who are based in Dublin, everybody wins: customers can find the best deals and try out different products and services, businesses will have new customer base and boost of sales and local communities and charities will benefit with the help of fundraising as a result of customer purchases.

GoSave.ie Deals


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