Charity: Water and their social media campaigns

The well-known Charity: Water is a “non-profit organisation which provides clean and safe drinking water in developing nations” who have made use of social media to promote their cause and raise awareness. Water is one of the biggest thing in the world which we all take for granted. It is the single most important necessity in life yet there are millions of people across the globe who does not have access to this.

It is because of unsafe water that causes 80% of diseases which kills more people than any form of violence, and that includes war. And obviously children are vulnerable due to their weaker immune system. It is the need of water which causes women and children to travel miles to have access to water, which are not even clean. These lost of hours should have been used for educations, working and looking after the family.

Charity: Water has created a video below on how water can change everything. They have used the power of social media to tell people just how lucky we are that we have access to good drinking water, millions of people are not so lucky, and how everybody can help.


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