“Poop” on your friends for charity on World Poopin’ Day

Back in March 2011 was World Poopin’ Day, a day where you can poop on your friends to raise awareness. It’s a clever way of mixing social media with health and sanitations which many people suffer from. In the Internet lingo, poopin’ can refer to abusing your friends Twitter or Facebook when they have left their phone or online account logged in and unattended. The other aspect of poopin’ obviously regards to the waste which around 2.6 billion people have to deal with.

Water.org and GiveLove have both come together to promote World Poopin’ Day back in 13th March 2011 to drive the awareness of how the developing countries deal with the issues regarding the water sanitations. You may think that water sanitation is all about the lack of clean and safe drinking water. Whilst that is true, the problem also brings up serious illness due to fecal matters and little or no sanitation.World Poopin' Day

To bring up conversations and get rid of the taboo of poop, the campaign encourages people to get involved and sign up to the World Poopin’ Day via Facebook and Twitter, and choose from a selection of 5 messages to show support for water sanitations in the developing countries. There is also a dedicated Twitter hashtag #poopin to help support the cause too.

At least there is a kinder way of poopin’ on your friends, which is the whole point as the humour surrounding pooping is also intending to be a clever scheme too.

Source: Mashable


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