Celebrities gave up social media to help charities

It may sound a little bit weird when you think about celebrities giving up their daily tweets to help a charity. Surely it’s the other way round, where celebs actually encourage their massive followers to raise awareness and donate to charities instead. But this is a clever idea thought of by Alicia Keys to help raise money for her foundation ‘Keep A Child Alive’; a charity which provides health, support and love to families who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. A host of stars such as Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Usher, Alicia Keys and many more have ditched the digital media on World Aids Day to get people aware of this problem that is particularly the nations of Africa and India.

Kim Kardashian Keep A Child AliveThe idea is that everybody is encouraged to donate and raise $1 million dollars via text messages and the celebs will refuse to return to their Twitter and Facebook accounts until they have reached this target. It’s a funny and clever idea at the same time. Since the celebs are incredibly influential and hugely obsessed by millions, going cold turkey for a period of time will make the fans go mental. You may find that hard to believe but it’s true. Some people live off these celebs as they can feel closely attached to them.

Some celebs even went as far as providing a testament and saying “goodbye” to social media and the world. Kim Kardashian is one person who has went through an extra step to do this by being photographed dead and lying in a coffin. Obviously it didn’t really happen but it’s all part of the trend and to get involved with this noble cause.


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