Monthly Archives: June 2011

Lady Gaga’s $1m Facebook Charity Competition

Being one of the most influential people in the world can have a massive impact to a charity. Lady Gaga’s online status is incredible: she is one of the very few who has amassed over 1 billion views on YouTube. She is nearing the 40 million mark on her Facebook page, and she is the most followed person on Twitter with over 11 million followers. So you can imagine how useful she would be to promote charities.

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Ruined by tornadoes, united by social media

Most of us are lucky enough to not have to experience any form of natural disasters yet we the news is filled with tragic stories when mother nature struck at its full force. On April 27th 2011, dozens of tornadoes have swept across the Southern United States causing millions of dollars worth of damages.  Whilst this was all going on, a women called Patty has created a Facebook Page  “Pictures and Documents Found After the April 27, 2011 Tornadoes” and it is created in a bid to reunite the survivors with their sentimental and precious belongings back to its rightful owners.

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Do a good deed and post it on iPayitFwd to inspire others

Not necessarily charitable but still a good deed nonetheless: iPayitFwd is a social networking website where users submit a recent good deed that they have carried out and maybe inspire readers to go out of their way to help others too.

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