Do a good deed and post it on iPayitFwd to inspire others

Not necessarily charitable but still a good deed nonetheless: iPayitFwd is a social networking website where users submit a recent good deed that they have carried out and maybe inspire readers to go out of their way to help others too.

There’s no limit to what type of deeds you should do as it all varies but the whole idea is to share the deeds and show the world that there’s nothing wrong with helping those in needs. We don’t have to receive anything in return. Actually, we shouldn’t expect to receive anything in return. If you did, then it’s merely nothing more than a bonus.


If you are ever short of inspirations, have a read at the number of posts available on iPayitFwd, become inspired and don’t miss out or ignore anyone when a need arise. After all, wouldn’t you want someone to help you if  you were in major need of assistance. There’s no shame in that.




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