Raising and donating money via the Internet

The battle of online fundraising services With the Internet playing a vital role in fundraising, we have seen the rise of many online fundraising services that can offer you that service. Despite the similarities between each websites, one might argue that they have some differences between each other. But they each have one common goal; help you to raise money for a good cause.

One thing that many of these websites have in common is the ability to create your own fundraising page, add information, share photos and stories, add videos, etc. By sharing your page address with friends, families and beyond, you can then spread the word and raise awareness. You can look at it like a charitable Facebook Page where donations are quite simple to carry out. When the money is received, you do not have to do anything as the websites will process the donations for you in the most cost effective way.

If you are working for a charity, you can sign up with one of these services to let people know where they can quickly and easily donate money. This is a very useful service particularly as it is becoming more common to donate online. And of course, the donors can search for charities orindividuals that they want to donate to. Whichever service you want to carry out, they are processed as quickly and cost-effective as possible.

If you are interested to know more about this service and would like to get involved with this, the three most common websites for online donation are:

  • JustGiving: who have also partnered with Vodafone and set up JustTextGiving where any charities can receive donations via text message.
  • Bmycharity: purchased by Help for Heroes in March 2010, the charity who helps injured soldiers  but also help other charities
  • Virgin Money Giving: created by Virgin Money as a not-for-profit business and sponsors the London Marathon
Virgin Money Giving

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