Children charity promotes ‘Because I Am A Girl’ campaign

The children charity Plan International has launched a campaign to promote their  annual ‘Because I Am a Girl’ charity. The campaign has originally been started by the charity organisation to end gender’s inequality, promote their rights and help millions of them to get out of poverty. Plan International has promoted their campaign with the help of Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness as well as encouraging everyone to sign a petition to make 22nd September the ‘International Day of the Girl’.

On Plan International’s Facebook Page, they have designed an app dedicated for Because I Am a Girl with reports on the campaign’s progress. The petition for the ‘International Day of the Girl’ is also on their Facebook page and as well as a new quiz app which has been added called ‘What about boys?’. This has been created to encourage fathers, brothers, husbands and any men to encourage this campaign and create an equal society so that everyone can benefit. On Twitter, Plan International has made #BcimaGirl the official hashtag to spread the words and encourage more people to sign the petition.

The campaign has been awarded Digital Campaign of the Week by the Third Sector Magazine who have praised the charity for their manner of presenting and distributing the campaign via the social media channels and by using well designed videos, presentations and pictures. These have all been created as part of a bid to encourage involvement as well as reaching out to as many people as possible.

Source: ThirdSector


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