Meet Don-8er, the cute little fundraising robot

Street-based charity workers, be alert for there may be a new sheriff in town; the Don-8er the mechanical alternative who offers a bit of entertainment in exchange for donations. Any stranger can place coins into the body of the robot, which will respond with lights and excitements. After a short period of time, the robot will then stop moving and await for further donations before making any movements again. Read the rest of this entry


Twestival: A social media charity campaign run on a laptop

Back in February 2011, Amanda Rose was organising the the upcoming major social media charity Twestival on 24th March 2011. Twestival is described as an international Twitter festival and it is a campaign which uses social media for good cause by bringing communities together to support the causes. There are two main campaigns; Twestival Global where the communities just the one cause, or Twestival Local in which local communities work together to help support the local causes.

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How BullyingUK uses web and iPhone apps to raise awareness of bullying

With bullying being a persistent problem, BullyingUK has created a web app where you can design an anti-bullying poster for free. The poster creator is available to install on your Chrome browser straight away from Google’s Chrome web store. This will allow users to have a one-click access to the poster creating service. BullyingUK also have their own web app available to download from iTunes and it provides advice with the ability to share and you can also create posters via the app too.

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How charities use mobile donation to raise funds

Vodafone has recently has joined up with online donation service JustGiving to allow mobile phone users to donate to any of Britain’s 184,000 charities via text messaging. And the good news is that 100% of the fee will go to the charities. Some people may doubt the effectiveness of mobile phone donation but it has massive potential and it can raise tens of millions of pounds. Read the rest of this entry

Raise 999,999 followers on Twitter and donate account to charity

You may wonder what this is all about? I mean why would you give away your massively followed Twitter account to charity? A couple of years ago, a German web designer Christian Rubarth had decided to do just that. Entitled @999999followers, Christian had set himself a challenge of raising this amount of followers from scratch and the tweeters can then decide which charity should he should donate the account to.

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Uniform Project: Wear one little black dress for 365 days for charity

If you are looking for something unique, snazzy and creative way to raise money for charity, try wearing the same dress for one year. The Uniform Project is a brilliant idea started by Sheena Matheiken who has carried out this venture back in 2009 to support Akanksha, a cause which provides the underprivileged children in the Indian slums to learn and gain educations. Although she had the same little black dress, she has allowed herself to reinvent the dress by buying accessories that were second-hand, vintage or donated.

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Cancer Research UK tidies up online encyclopedia Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the biggest online encyclopedia in the world and it’s all thanks to the millions of contributions from readers and writers. This unfortunately has a side effect as Cancer Research UK has found out. Most people who looks for information turns to Wikipedia, but the charity organisation claims that there are problems and lacking accuracy in information.

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Charity Navigator: An evaluator of 5000 of American charities

There is a great website for the Americans if they have trouble choosing charities or causes to work towards. Charity Navigator is a great website which evaluates 5,000 of America’s best-known charities and their financial health. It concentrates on two major factors of how they evaluate a charity’s financial situation: “how responsibly it functions day to day as well as how well positioned it is to sustain its programs over time”.

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iHobo: the world’s first live action charity iPhone app

It’s very easy to ignore the homeless people when you walk down the street. But little do you know how complex the life of a homeless person can really be. One of the main reasons why there are people living in the street is down to fear and they are running from violence or abuse. It’s unfortunate that there are homeless people out there who are unfairly stuck with a stigma which labels them as  a drug-taking alcoholic scrounger. You can see for yourself by downloading the iHobo iPhone app where you will have your over own hobo living in your iPhone for 3 days.

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British Legion voted UK’s best charity for social media engagement

According to report by nfpSynergy, the research specialist for non-profit organisations, British Legion charity has been voted the best UK charity with the largest social media presence. This applies to the charity organisation’s presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. British Legion is the leading charity which provides social, emotional and financial supports to those who have or is currently the British armed forces.

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